Monday, September 26, 2011

The Early Days of Fall

Remember my Summer design for the dresser in my entryway?? 

Well, it was time for an update for Fall.  Switched out my beach glass, shells and starfish for some pinecones, silk leaves, a floral arrangement and some faux pumpkins and gourds.  Easy peasy!

Love my Willowhouse birdhouse! 
 See my cute little cow?  I love that little thing.  Makes me smile every time I look at her.  I will post more about her soon.


                                Six floral arrangement                     $4.80 ($8 less 40% at AC Moore)
                                Faux pumpkins and gourds             $4.20 ($7 less 40% at AC Moore)
                                Silk Leaves                                      $.97 (Wal Mart)
                                Pinecones                                         $0 (from my backyard)

                                              TOTAL:                       $11.77

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Moo Moo Miss Cow

Livestock paintings are the rage right now.  I would love to have a big framed cow on my wall.  Husband won't go for it.  Nope.  He's very easygoing and lets me do almost anything I want, but a big cow in the house would be a deal breaker.  Well, I don't know what deal it would break, but he wouldn't be happy.  So I decided to find a manageable sized cow, or sheep or pig.  I do love some sheep and pigs, too!

For those who haven't looked before, Ebay is a great place to buy cheap, original art.  People who are just starting out and want to see if they can sell their work sell on Ebay.  Beginner artists aren't the only ones who sell on Ebay.  People with plenty of experience sell on Ebay.  I highly recommend looking there if you want some decorative pieces for your home.  I don't know if it's a good place for the serious collector, but if you have something in mind, take a look at what is on there.

 I searched "Original Cow Painting" and I found a bevy of cows. Oils, acrylics, and watercolors.  I needed something 8x10 or smaller.  So it took a week or so, but I finally found this little beauty.

Isn't she lovely??  Just a mere 6x6 inch acrylic painting on hardboard.  Oh how she makes me smile. I love her big, exaggerated nose.

I am still checking back for some friends for my little girl cow.  Maybe a sheep next.  Maybe a watercolor this time.  We will see what I find that day.....

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Two Little Birdies Told Me

I have seen pairs of birds on lots of different blogs.  Little cute white birds.  Bloggers have found them at Dollar Tree stores and upscale retailers.  I have been looking for some reasonably priced little birds 'cause they are c-u-u-u-t-e.  I've adored the one's I have seen but it's not something that I wanted to pay much for.  My Dollar Tree didn't have any (I've checked repeatedly) and I hadn't seen them at any of my regular thrift store haunts. Bummer. 

I eventually gave up the hunt. Fast forward to a few months later and I hit our local thrift store for my weekly visit and found these two birds for $1.59 each.  They were bigger than I had hoped, but I was just thankful to find two of the same type. 

Here they are:

After a coat of primer:

Then a few coats of Krylon White Gloss and they looked exactly as I hoped that they would. Yea! 

Aren't they cute?


Two birds:                 $3.18
(I already had the paint and primer)

TOTAL                      $3.18

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Yay for me!

My computer has been broken for a few weeks now.  I published one post on my friend's computer, but that's been it since then.  Until tonight.  Tonight I looked up the problem on my Blackberry for the 10th time and finally found a fix for it.  My brother-in-law will be so proud.  He is my go-to-guy for fixing my computer now that the warranty has run out.  Lovely guy has gotten rid of so many nasty viruses off of my computers without ever losing one single photo, file, etc.  LOVE HIM!!  My desktop is not working either and I wanted to try to fix at least one by myself because I feel like I burden him too often with these problems.  I have been working on that one, too, but no luck as of yet.  Another week of trying and then he is getting the dreaded phone call from me. Note to self:  GET A BACKUP HARD DRIVE!

So, a small flood of posts will be coming in the next couple of days.  So glad that I could finish them and upload photos.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

My Favorite New Find

I was actually sitting in traffic the other day, thinking about this lampshade from Ballard Designs:

via Ballard Designs

Should I really pay $40 for a lampshade?  That is what I was thinking.  I am not a $40-for-a-lampshade kind of girl.  Not when you can get a really nice one at Home Goods or even Target for half that.  But I love this shade.  Been looking at it for a long time in that catalog.  I don't have a lot of  French things in my home but I thought a little touch of it would be nice, so I kept contemplating it.

Until today, when I was dragging my butt around WalMart waiting for my tires to be balanced.  Lo and behold, look what I found.......

Similar style and color.

Looks great on my $5 yard sale lamp.

$9.96 people!  From their Better Homes and Garden line. Wooo Hooo!!  I may replace every shade in the house with this one.  Nah, that is plain crazy.  I will say that they also had one done in a burlap looking fabric with a dark ribbon trim. It was very nice and I may get that one, too, although I really don't even need anymore shades.  As a matter of fact, I replaced a perfectly good shade to use the Frenchy one.  If only I could figure out a use for the extra lampshade.  I don't drink, so wearing it as a hat is out.    Maybe I could cover the top, flip it over and use it as a popcorn bowl.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

French Lilac

One of my first posts was about a pretty retro side table with French curves that we found on CraigsList for my daughter's bedroom.  You can see it here.  We painted it pink and my daughter and I were crazy about it.  My 21 year old niece came out to visit and saw it and told me that she'd like one like it, except for in light purple.  So we both scoured CraigList for one.  There were many two tiered tables, but it took a little while to find one with the French curves like my daughter's.  Eventually she found one for only $10.00.  (That was half of what we paid for ours.)  When I picked up the table from her, I noticed that it had laminate tops.  Ooooooh, we hadn't painted laminate furniture before so I scoured the blogs and spoke to some friends and came to the conclusion that oil-based primer and oil-based paint were the only way to go.

Stoooopid me forgot a before photo (but my photos usually stink anyway, so you aren't missing much), but it looks like my daughter's before photo, except a little smaller.  The only real flaw is an area on the top tier that looks a little melted.  Hubby sanded the heck out of it, then a coat of primer, sanding, another coat of primer, a minor sanding and then it was ready for the French Lilac paint.  It was the only oil-based spray paint I found in light purple at my local Depot.   I would have liked it to be a little lighter and maybe a little less blue, but my daughter gave it the seal of approval.  So there you go.....

Here she is, disassembled and with a coat of primer on her:

 Here is the finished product:

Bottom Line:

Table                       $10.00
Primer (1 can)           $3.84
Paint  (2 cans)           $7.68
Poly (1/5 of a can)    $2.00

Total:                      $23.52

This just confirms my belief:  Every girl should own at least one piece of pink or purple furniture - especially if it's less than $25!  (And men need to just get ova it!)

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