Sunday, September 4, 2011

French Lilac

One of my first posts was about a pretty retro side table with French curves that we found on CraigsList for my daughter's bedroom.  You can see it here.  We painted it pink and my daughter and I were crazy about it.  My 21 year old niece came out to visit and saw it and told me that she'd like one like it, except for in light purple.  So we both scoured CraigList for one.  There were many two tiered tables, but it took a little while to find one with the French curves like my daughter's.  Eventually she found one for only $10.00.  (That was half of what we paid for ours.)  When I picked up the table from her, I noticed that it had laminate tops.  Ooooooh, we hadn't painted laminate furniture before so I scoured the blogs and spoke to some friends and came to the conclusion that oil-based primer and oil-based paint were the only way to go.

Stoooopid me forgot a before photo (but my photos usually stink anyway, so you aren't missing much), but it looks like my daughter's before photo, except a little smaller.  The only real flaw is an area on the top tier that looks a little melted.  Hubby sanded the heck out of it, then a coat of primer, sanding, another coat of primer, a minor sanding and then it was ready for the French Lilac paint.  It was the only oil-based spray paint I found in light purple at my local Depot.   I would have liked it to be a little lighter and maybe a little less blue, but my daughter gave it the seal of approval.  So there you go.....

Here she is, disassembled and with a coat of primer on her:

 Here is the finished product:

Bottom Line:

Table                       $10.00
Primer (1 can)           $3.84
Paint  (2 cans)           $7.68
Poly (1/5 of a can)    $2.00

Total:                      $23.52

This just confirms my belief:  Every girl should own at least one piece of pink or purple furniture - especially if it's less than $25!  (And men need to just get ova it!)

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  1. I love the color! I have been working on an end table of a similar style and could not for the life of me detach the top from the bottom! I ended up just painting with them fully attached

  2. I love this table! Thanks for sharing at Craft and Tell!!

  3. Love this -- great color! These vintage end tables have such style!

  4. What a beautiful table. I love the color. Thanks for linking to the party.

  5. It's adorable Jenny!

  6. that color is so pretty and sweet! love the curves on that table!

  7. How pretty she is! Love the color!! Found you via At The Picket Fence. Toodles, Kathryn

  8. Wow. This looks so great! And only for $25? That's awesome!! Way to go! I'll bet it looks adorable in your daughter's bedroom! Thanks for linking up at "Sundae Shake Up"! :)


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